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The Thirsty Camenel | The Locked Door Mystery


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    When Donnie, the obnoxious class bully seems to develop psychic powers, Addison must figure out how he’s doing it and stop him from intimidating the other kids. | When Gyro the robot seems unhappy, Addison must figure out what’s wrong with her little friend.

  • Out of the Blue | The Cookie Caper

    When the honey in the community garden’s beehive turns bright indigo, Addison is on the case to find out what’s giving the bees the blues. | When half the cookies Tess and Addison baked for a charity event go missing, the girls are mystified. Could somebody have eaten an entire table of cookies?...

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    The annual winter carnival is in trouble when Addison and Alex’s yeti sculpture is vandalized. . . perhaps by an actual yeti! | When strange symbols turn up in Ayrton Park, Alex thinks an alien invasion is imminent. Addison is skeptical but could the spray-painted sidewalks be alien communications?