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Snowbert the Polar Bear | Henrietta the Hairy Hippo | Giggles and Tickles

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Nelson the Elephant | Kevin the Crocodile | Joey the Kangaroo


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  • Snowbert the Polar Bear | Henrietta t...

    Snowbert lived alone until he met Sidney the Seal in his fishing hole. | Henrietta runs away from the river because the other hippos make fun of her long hair. | Giggles and Tickles play tricks on the other animals.

  • Zed the Zebra | Adam the Armadillo | ...

    Zed wants to win races against the other animals of Africa. | Adam the Armadillo wants to fit in with Jazz, Leopoldo, and Duddley. | Georgina shows off her neck tricks and gets tangled up.

  • Herbert the Warthog | Pauline the Pel...

    Herbert the Warthog makes music, which annoys Reginald the grumpy lion. | Pauline the Pelican is so hungry that she steals food from Herbert, Seamus, and Reginald. | The Juicy Fruit Tree produces the Juicy Fruit every seven years. Nelson, Audrey, Ronald, Zed, Toby, Giggles and Tickles can't wait!